In all of our careers, there are those truths that perhaps we would rather ignore. Maybe we would rather stay ignorant of them as a whole. Regardless of our feelings toward them, they are ever-present.

While ignorance may be bliss, it is at the detriment of our progress.

To operate…

As a Product Manager and a coach, I have found one sad thing to be true — most Product Managers will do what others tell them to do and consistently avoid conversations related to their careers. They spend 100% of their energy managing their product and none on their job…

Your mindset determines how you perceive the world, yourself, and the future. It helps you define what is true for you. It is the lens via which we see everything.

I have had the pleasure of coaching 100s of high performers. When they start working with me, they often want…

“I feel stuck in my career.”

Those are words that I regularly hear when I speak to product managers. We all feel as though we are stuck at some point or another. The question to ask ourselves is, “what am I going to do about it?”.

A few of my…

An integral part of influence for product managers is having the confidence in yourself, your skills, the project and most especially, your team.

What makes a confident product manager?

I think, along with that question, every Product Manager has at one point asked how does a confident product manager…

Shobhit Chugh

Founder at Intentional Product Manager ( Product @Google, @Tamr, @Lattice_Engines, @Adaptly. Worked at @McKinsey

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