Confidence in Product Management

An integral part of influence for product managers is having the confidence in yourself, your skills, the project and most especially, your team.

What makes a confident product manager?

I think, along with that question, every Product Manager has at one point asked how does a confident product manager act. As confidence is highly related to high performance, it is even more important for Product Managers. I have talked about the Impostor Syndrome in my previous lessons and how many Product Managers struggle with this. Many feel they are being an impostor and are not really worthy of doing the job.

In this video, I will paint a picture of what a confident product manager looks like. These are 11 ways to tell that someone is confident about their abilities and please keep watching the video because I have a really nice surprise for you at the end.

So, the 11 traits of a Confident Product Managers are:

  1. Leverages in their team’s collective intelligence.
  2. Decisive;
  3. Fights for their customers;
  4. Takes difficult conversations head on;
  5. Says no to good ideas that might not be a good fit for the team yet
  6. Advocates for their ideas passionately
  7. Clears off bottlenecks for their team
  8. Shields their team from confusion;
  9. Gives credit freely
  10. Works well cross-functionally and across teams;
  11. Moves faster through their career

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