Four Levels of Prioritization

In product management, I often get asked two questions: “How do I go and become a product manager?”, “How do I get into Google as a product manager?” and “How do I prioritize features?”

In this video, I am sharing with you, not theories or frameworks, but the four levels of prioritization. As you climb these four levels, you get more and more effective as a product manager. Do these four levels and you will soon notice that your efficiency have dramatically increased and you start doing more strategic things.

So let’s get started.

First level: The basic level which is when you prioritize things essentially ticket by ticket. It is where you break down the users’ story into all the engineering tasks, prioritize, sequence and categorize the tasks.

Second level: The must-have, should-have and could-have. Here you start prioritizing by features or epics and let the team drive the actual technical tasks that need to be done to achieve that particular feature.

Third level: Prioritize outcomes. Here you start helping drive those high-level decisions and work towards driving the collective intelligence from your entire team. Here is where your team starts to they get ownership.

Fourth level: Here is where you are prioritizing outcomes still but you are now teaching your team how you should think about making those decisions.

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