Habits Change as an Exercise

Forming new habits involves intentional design, not just plain willpower. Today, I share with you the Four Design Elements that will make your journey towards your new habits and ideal self-identity a success.

These tips are based on two books that truly inspired me: The Power of Habit and Atomic Habits.

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Make them obvious. Implementation intention is the key here. Identify a regular time, a place or a situation when you will do the new habits. The easiest way is to tie a new habit with an already existing habit such as listening to an audiobook each morning during your travel time.

Make them attractive. Make it rewarding by tying the new habit with something you like to do regularly.

Make them easy. As in goal setting, break down the habit into small, easy to execute steps that you can observe religiously.

Make them satisfying. This is about the end of the habit and making it satisfying so that you are more likely to repeat it.

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