In this video, I am sharing this one key that made it possible for me to accomplish a lot more than ever before. It’s learning how to get re-energized fast.

There are three main things that I do

First, know how to structure your day so you are doing similar activities together. When you transition from one activity to another that are so different in nature will cause you to lose more energy. Start bucketing your like activities together. This step has been so critical for my success in 2019 and allowed me to deliver what’s really important for my team.

Next, transition to the activities well by setting your intention right for those activities. Be clear on your output and why it’s important. Be emotionally invested.

Third, do something that energizes you. There are many ways to do this. In the video I show a a transition routine. Take a few minutes to do this and you’ll be all energized for anything.

Make sure you bring your energy to this new decade!

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