Launching Product Management Habits

Being a Product Manager is a tough job.

Being an awesome Product Manager is even harder.

It pays to be amazing. We know that behind every great product was one or more such amazing product managers.

In my quest to be not-extremely-disappointing at product management, I have started to uncover a gap. A gap in how we train and how we learn as product managers.

We learn particular aspects that tend to focus on either product management 101, or product prioritization, or Influence. All of these are great. But I believe the next step is building product management habits.

Building habits make you consistently better at your job. Just ask Brendon Bouchard, author of High Performance Habits. He will tell you that high performers in any field have a certain set of habits that help them be amazing.

So do product managers.

An example of a habit that I have really benefited from is the habit of Deep work. I set aside 5 hours every Tuesday and Thursday mornings to do this work.

And learning about these habits is not enough. We need to consistency practice them. And we need to have a buddy that will keep us accountable.

So today, I am launching a pilot for a course I am calling Product Management Habits.

Here’s how it will work.

I am looking for 10 people with 1–3 years of PM experience, to run a ten week pilot. You need to be able to dedicate one hour per week attending the class I will facilitate live. Then you need to be able to fill in a journal entry every weekday, telling us how you applied the habit.

The pilot is free. All I ask for is your participation, commitment and feedback.

I will be selecting 10 people for the pilot in December and starting it in January.

Ready? Interested and want to start becoming an amazing PM? Fill in a short application here. Hurry though. Once 10 people are selected, we are done.

Till then, keep shipping.

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