Six Questions Product Managers Must Ask Themselves Monthly to Excel in Their Careers

In general, a Product Manager’s role is to set the vision for a product, set the path for the product, and communicate the vision to the stakeholders. As you would a product, creating a roadmap for your career and streamlining your actions to ensure its progress is but imperative.

I recently conducted the Confidence Challenge Online Workshop, which by the way received a great number of participants. From this activity, I have received quite a lot of questions about how I manage to stay ahead in my career or how I keep it selling. It got me thinking about how a Product Manager’s role isn’t cut in stone and so many tend to get bogged down in their day-to-day responsibilities.

In this video, I have talked about the six questions that every product manager must ask themselves to accelerate the progress in their career.

  1. What will get me promoted?.
  2. What long term bet do I need to work on right now?
  3. Which advocates do I need to build?
  4. Which areas do I need to focus my learning or growth in right now?
  5. What do my customers need and what do they want?
  6. What would I do if I took 100% ownership of this situation?

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